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April 2011
Jesse Beitel Receives ASTM International Walter C. Voss Award for Contributions to Fire Safety Standards.

August 2010
Hughes recently hosted members of the National Geographic Channel production team to film our lab team at work.

July 2010
Kenneth Gentile, P.E. has joined Hughes Associates, Inc. to lead a new office in Albuquerque, NM.

July 2010
Hamid Bahadori was recently quoted in the July issue of Building Management Operations magazine regarding Sprinkler System Retrofits.

June 2010
Joseph L. Scheffey of Hughes Associates was presented with the NFPA Aviation Section Distinguished Member Award. Presented at the recently completed Aviation Fire Safety Symposium in Las Vegas, the award recognizes dedication and service to the NFPA Aviation Section and the aviation industry.

June 2010
Attending the NFPA Aviation Fire Safety Symposium in Las Vegas, Nevada, Joe Scheffey is the appointed Session Chair for the NFPA Aircraft Rescue and Fire Fighting Session to be held on June 6th.

May 2010
Nicoletta, Michael, A.I.A., joins Hughes Associates, Inc. as Senior Fire Protection Consultant

April 2010
Bruce Campbell of Hughes Associates Inc, wins prestigious Walter W. Maybee award from the Department of Energy, in recognition of his knowledge, experience, dedication, professionalism, and his lifetime achievements in the pursuit of fire safety.

April 2010
Best Paper Award at International Tunnel Symposium goes to HAI’s J. R. Mawhinney and J. Trelles.

September 2009
"Nationally known fire scientist", Craig Beyler, authors report for Texas Forensic Science Commission that concludes "Texas fire investigators had no basis to rule a deadly house fire was arson – a finding that led to the murder conviction and execution of Cameron Todd Willingham."
See the article in Chicago Tribune, The New York Times, and The New Yorker.

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March 2011
Heat Detector RTI – New Developments, Gottuk, D.T., SUPDET 2011.

February 2011
Fire Dynamics and Forensic Analysis of Liquid Fuel Fires, Mealy, C., Benfer, M., and Gottuk, D.

February 2011
Rethinking The ‘Smokeproof’ Enclosure, Ferreira, M., Consulting Specifying Engineer Magazine.

February 2011
Voices: Afterburner, Beyler, C., Baltimore Magazine.

September 2010
Spray Polyurethane Foam Insulation and Its Use in Attics and Crawl Spaces, Beitel, J., SprayFoam Magazine.

June 2010
The Impact of Portable Fire Extinguisher Agents on Cultural Resource Materials, Scheffey, J. L. and Forssell, E.W., NFPA Conference & Expo, Las Vegas 2010.

May 2010
Fire Alarm System Maintenance and Upgrades – Compatibility, Reliability, and Code Compliance, Moore, W. D., The May 2010 issue of College Planning & Management.

February 2010
Video Image Detection and Optical Flame Detection for Industrial Applications, Gottuk, D.T. and Dinaburg, J.B., SUPDET 2010.

October 2009
Fire Dynamics and Forensic Analysis of Limited Ventilation Compartment Fires Volume 1: Experimental, Wolfe, A.J., Mealy, C.L. and Gottuk, D.T.

October 2009
Fire Dynamics and Forensic Analysis of Limited Ventilation Compartment Fires Volume 2: Modeling, Boehmer, H., Floyd, J. and Gottuk, D.T.

June 2009
Smoke Detection Calculations - New Advances, Gottuk, D.T., NFPA Conference & Expo, Chicago, 2009.

June 2009
Video Image Detection (VID) Systems Installation Performance Criteria, Gottuk, D.T., NFPA Conference & Expo, Chicago, 2009.

March 2009
The Current and Future Applications of Water Mist Fire Suppression Systems, Part 1 - Introduction & Fundamentals, Part 2 - Types of Water Mist Systems and Equipment, Part 3 - Codes, Standards, Test Protocols, Part 4 - Future directions, Mawhinney, J. R., P.E., FSFPE, SFPE Atlanta Symposium, 2009.

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